Wedding Invite Labels


Wedding Invite Labels You might encounter some overseas abbreviations in your search for natural wedding invitations. PCW stands for post-consumer waste, and is typically having a percentage. Paper that is 100 % PCW has been collected and also recycled from users; will not use new, or "virgin" wood. If your intent is by using traditional wood-derived paper, completely PCW paper is the the most sustainable way to go. An FSC reduction stands for Forest Stewardship Authorities; FSC paper is that that is certified to come from lasting forests.

Wedding Invite Labels If you’re looking for excellent inspiration for wedding invitations, compared to look no further - we’ve accumulated some amazing ideas, along with the most recent trends in traditional invitations. A monogram with the new bride and groom’s initials has been and always will be a preferred trend for wedding invitations. The reason why? Because it is modern, elegant along with timeless. Besides that, putting your bride and groom’s inventeur side by side is a symbol of union.

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