Boho Chic Wedding Invitations


The soon as one wedding design seems to become trendy, another is on the rise. Last year, all of us started to see earthy, nature-loving inspired “rustic weddings that is hugely popular now -- I think in part because DO-IT-YOURSELF rustic style seemed to mortgaged itself to the poor economic climate and partly because the environmentally friendly trend began to wane as well as rustic moved into its location. On the heels of the present rustic trend is all about Bohemian weddings otherwise known as Bohemian Chic weddings.

Boho type has been around for ages. Bohemian-inspired wedding ceremonies convey a feeling of unconventional, gypsy-like decor and eclectic components. Think floral, nomadic, free-spirited and nonconformist - hippie meets gypsy. Bohemian marriages can include vintage items any kind of elements that fit a good artistic, artisan or hand-crafted feel. Bohemian style is not really polished, it brings in aspects of natural fibers, nature factors and lends itself to the DO IT YOURSELF trend that is popular. There is many different styles of Bohemian marriage ceremonies such as: Bohemian Beach, Classic Bohemian, Gypsy Bohemian, Traditional Bohemian - or a great eclectic mix of whatever you may put together than you like. Keep in mind, Bohemian style is some thing of a contradiction in terms simply because traditionally, bohemians dressed on their own and decorated in what ever they could find.

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