Invitation Wording Gift Card Baby Shower


Invitation Wording Gift Card Baby Shower hitched "to" her groom; still traditional Jewish invitations add the word "and" between the bride's name and the groom's label to indicate the joining regarding two families. You will also discover "and" used in the traditional terminology for invitations to many Catholic ceremonies. Basically the use of "to" or "and" in both themed invitations and announcements is a private preference.

The use of "to" as well as "and" on a line by yourself allows the bride's in addition to groom's names to be noticeable when one first looks at the invitation. When the two sets of parents' titles are at the top of the invites, using "and" between them is just not improper, but it will slow up the impact of the bride's as well as groom's names. In this scenario, if you wish to include "and, very well the best solution is to add the idea on the same line as the groom's parents' names.

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