Invitation Wording Get Together


Invitation Wording Get Together Another thing that may save you a lot of communication with all the guests is including a comprehensive map or print out with the directions. Don't assume that every person will know how to get there. Furthermore, don't ask the guests to help rely on Map Quest or any type of other service like that. These types of services can sometimes be unreliable. We once attended a baby bathe that hardly anyone found. I found out later that lots of of the guests couldn't think it is because directions weren't incorporated.

Don't forget to include RSVP together with your contact information. Consider including your e-mail and cell phone number as well. By doing this people will have the option of delivering a quick response through e mail. Also, by including your cell phone number, guests will have a number in order to call in case they do receive lost. Should you put "regrets only" instead of RSVP? This is a personal preference. Either way, you should have some people that say they are arriving and don't show and people which come and you weren't expecting these. You can also consider putting a night out that you would like guests to RSVP by. One last thing to think about is if the baby shower is going to be "floating". This just means which guests can drop in a time during the shower.

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