Lego Friends Bday Invitation


Lego Friends Bday Invitation.
All this week, We are featuring birthday parties which i have hosted for my very own kids, plus one fun birthday celebration inspiration post featuring printables. I hope these help encourage you with your own party preparing. So are you ready to commemorate? I know I am! I love a great week-long par-tay! We’re starting Birthday Bliss Week using one of my favorite parties i have ever thrown: any LEGO Friends Birthday Party regarding my daughter’s sixth birthday bash.

I designed our own Seglar Friends Birthday Party invitations, thanks cards, and address labeling to be simple and fun, utilizing the Lego Friends characters and colours. Note: I designed all you see in this post strictly intended for personal use, and because these people contain official licensed figures, I can’t sell printables of these (and do NOT purchase any party designs utilizing official licensed characters coming from “designers” on Etsy, my buddies!